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Why Sri Santhi

About Us

In 1981, out of a desire to do something different, a young Mr B.Srihari Rao established a construction company named Sri Santhi. What we used to construct then was different from what we construct now. Specifically, we began by laying railway tracks and replacing older ones. Post that, we undertook telecommunication cable laying projects from companies like BSNL, VSNL, Tata Telecommunications, etc. and executed works all over India, even in very remote locations. We had everything: big clients, big projects and big money. But Mr Rao wanted to do something different again. So, in 2006, under his captaincy, we debuted into REALTY development with the ‘different’ idea of moving people out of the city. Our idea clicked, people loved it and we haven’t looked back since. From 2006 till today, we have successfully completed many gated communities and multi-level housing projects in and around Visakhapatnam. With our roaring success in Realty, we have also ventured into Resorts and Import/Export. Our Sri Santhi Resorts, located just a couple of kilometres out of Vizag is a serene space for a getaway from the daily hustle of life.

Our customers have always been our priority. we have never lost focus on providing each customer with the personal touch they deserve. We specialize in meeting requirements and deadlines available to our clients.
Our construction management team has a wealth of experience that will greatly benefit any project. We have employees who have a proven track record with years of industry experience and trusted by our partners for over a decade.

We are Committed to superior

quality and results.